Pressure Gauges

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Hydraulic pressure gauges are measuring instrument, which is used to measure the pressure in the hydraulic system. It can be connected at any place in the Hydraulic System, to measure pressure in that place specifically.

It has a threaded end, which can be connected in any place with the help of hydraulic fittings.

Points need to be thought while placing the order for Pressure Gauges:

  1. Range of Pressure: It defines the minimum and the maximum pressure one needs to monitor on the pressure gauge.
  2. Size of the Dial: It is a device that comes in many sizes. Like 63mm, 100mm 150mm.
  3. Type of Mounting: It comes with different mounting options. So one needs to decide first about the mounting provision in advance.
  4. Connection Size: Connection size differs according to the size of the pressure gauge.

While buying it, one should always check whether the pressure gauge is calibrated as per the range or not. Non-calibrated may give you an error in pressure rating.