Diaphragm Type Accumulator

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A diaphragm type accumulator is the one that comes with a rubber plate or diaphragm to act as a separation. The component is generally screwed or welded together between two compartments or spherical shells. The spherical shell above the diaphragm is filled with nitrogen, and the spherical shell below the diaphragm is directly connected to the hydraulic circuit. 

In most cases, you will need to buy diaphragm-type accumulators online or offline if the necessary fuel storage capacity begins to lower and reaches four liters or less. Most of the diaphragm-type accumulator characteristics are very similar to those found in the bladder-type accumulators. However, these accumulators have the capacity to handle a gas compression ratio of up to 8:1. 

Besides that, it is worth mentioning that diaphragm type accumulators are mostly limited to smaller volumes, and the gas permeating across the diaphragm can often impact their performance. Nonetheless, the lack of quick response makes diaphragm-type accumulators ideally suited for surge pulsation control. 

Different Types Of Diaphragm Type Accumulators:

There are two different types of diaphragm type accumulators available, and both have their slightly varied applications.

These diaphragm type accumulators include:

  • Welded type diaphragm accumulator
  • Screwed or threaded diaphragm accumulator