Hydraulic Filters

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Hydraulic Filters are the most important component while talking about maintenance and conditioning of the Hydraulic System. Hydraulic Filters prevent the contamination particles from entering into the Hydraulic System. There are main three types of Hydraulic Filters.

  1. Return Line Filters
  2. Pressure Line Filters
  3. Suction Strainers

Return Line Filters

Return Line Filters are used in the return line of the Hydraulic System. Before entering into the oil reservoir, oil has to pass through Return Line Filter and after filtration it goes to the tank. In case the filter chokes, oil bypass though the bypass check valve inbuilt in the filter body. However, Some filter comes without bypass check valve. 

These are the most commonly used filters in the hydraulic industry and a must have in every hydraulic system. It prevents all the contamination particles present in the oil along with the particles which are produced due to wear and tear of the hydraulic components from mixing in the oil reservoir.

Return line filters are used from 3, 5, 10 and 25 microns filtration. These filters have very low pressure rating , since they are used on the return line of the tank.

Pressure Line Filters

Pressure line filters are used in the places where high degree of filtration is required and where filter need to be used in pressure line of the Hydraulic System, filter body pressure handling capacity is always higher than the working pressure of the Hydraulic System.

These Filters are used in the Hydraulic System where working pressure is higher than 10 KG/CM2 and these filters are used in a hydraulic system after the pump any where in the Hydraulic System to prevent any contaminated particle from the oil reservoir to enter into the Hydraulic System. Pressure Line Filters have high dirt holding capacity and it can filter oil up to 3 microns. 

Suction Strainers

Suction Strainers are used to prevent any big particles from entering in to the Hydraulic Pump. Suction Strainers are attached to the suction line of the Hydraulic Pump in such a way that any oil that enters the inlet of the Pump, that will enter through suction strainer only.  Suction Strainers are a must have in any Hydraulic System. Since is used to safeguard the pump and components from big contamination particles that 149 microns.

However these filters are used in line of the Hydraulic System. But in highly contaminated oil, there is a need for offline filtration, which is mush more effective and can give results in very less time according to the filters being used. These units are called Offline Oil Filtration System.