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The presence of solid particles in a hydraulic system can cause severe damage to the components of the system, further hampering its performance. Therefore, to counter this damage, professionals from the industry equip their systems with reservoir breather filters, commonly known as hydraulic breather filters or air breather filters. This is very important for any hydraulic system as it prevents all airborne materials from finding their way to the reservoir. 

Any foreign particle in your hydraulic system can contaminate the process fluids in the system. Leaving these particles unchecked for long can result in deteriorating the system’s efficiency and damage the components within the system. Therefore, the breather for hydraulic tanks will prevent all the solid particles from entering the system. This way, you can ensure the efficiency of your system and its longevity remains intact for as long as possible. 

Further, the other important factor about breathers in hydraulic systems is they must be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging and ensure the efficacy of the breathers.   

Different Types Of Hydraulic Breather Filters:

Breathers for hydraulic systems are available in different types, and each of them is designed to serve different purposes. These variants include:

  • Air breathers
  • Filler breather
  • Desiccant breathers
  • Reservoir breather filters
  • Metal filler breathers
  • Tank breather filter 
  • Spin-on breathers