Hydraulic Hoses

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A hydraulic hose or pipe conveys fluids to and through hydraulic system components such as valves, tools, and actuators. As hydraulic systems often operate in conditions of temperatures and pressures, hydraulic hoses are typically designed to be flexible and reinforced with several layers of reinforcement.

Hydraulic hoses are generally interconnected with the help of a hose connector. There are specific characteristics such as the internal and external diameter and minimum bend radius, which determine the usage and application of these hoses. They come in various selections like corrugated, spiral, and reinforced types.

Hydraulic hose fittings are usually made of materials like silicone, elastomers, and fluoropolymers. These materials make the hoses flexible and resistant to high temperatures.

Some critical criteria to keep in mind when selecting hydraulic hose fittings are as follows:

  1. The site of application of the hydraulic hose.
  2. The temperature under which the hose is being operated and the surrounding temperature
  3. The nature of the material being carried by the hose determines the type of hose being used.
  4. The terminal connections interconnect the hoses, which are called couplings.
  5. The size of the hoses refers to both the internal diameter and the external diameter of the hose.
  6. The fluid exerts pressure on the hose.