Hydraulic Manifolds

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These Standard Hydraulic Manifolds are used to in places where CETOP type valves are being used these types of manifolds are very useful in applications where a compact hydraulic system is required.

All CETOP valves can be mounted on one single manifold.

One can use modular valves. Such as Modular Pressure Relief Valves, Modular Flow Control Valves, Modular Pressure Reducing Valves, Modular Flow Control Valves and Modular Pilot Check Valves.

Manifolds come in 2 sizes:

  • CETOP-3
  • CETOP-5

These manifolds are available from 1 station to 6 stations.

We are into manufacturing of manifolds and we are also keeping stock of manifolds of Polyhydron, Rexroth, SUN etc.

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