Cartridge Valves

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Cartridge valves are also known as logic valves or 2/2-way valves. These are industrial hydraulic valves used for changing the pressure or flow and checking and controlling these characteristics. These can be used in hydraulic manifold systems for various mobile and industrial machinery, thanks to their compact design.

These valves are ideal for applications that require leak-free control and high flow rates. Due to the presence of only internal moving elements, they are also referred to as “bodiless” valves. These are highly versatile and can be used to serve two simultaneous purposes such as dual crossover reliefs, flow control, etc.

Types of hydraulic cartridge valves

1. 2 & 3-Way Servo Cartridge Valves

These are used for directional flow control. They are designed to be installed in manifold slip-in cavities. The main benefits of this type of cartridge valve are the ability for precise control for hydraulic actuators and their high dynamic performance.

2. 2-Way Slip-in Cartridge Valves

Such these valves provide an integrated and compact circuit when installed in a manifold. This is mounted in a specified cavity, and significant cost reduction is seen due to its compact design.