Check Valves

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Hydraulic Check Valves are used in places where one side flow is required. They are also termed as Non Return Valves, which allow flow in only one direction and doesn’t allow flow to return from same path. These are one of the forms of Direction Control Valves. Since performs the function of controlling the direction of oil in the Hydraulic System.

It plays a very important role in a hydraulic system, it can be used for many purposes in a hydraulic system.

Some of the types of check valves list below.

  • Check Valves 
  • Pilot Operated Check Valves

Hydraulic Check Valves

These are normally not return valves which are designed in a way that once flow passes through it, it can’t go back from the check valve.

flow passes through it, it can’t go back from the check valve.

Pilot Operated Check Valves

These are designed in such a way that once flow passes trough it, it can’t go back from the valve. But when pilot pressure applied to the pilot port of the valve, it allows return flow from the valve.

There are many aspects which are considered while selecting a Check Valve.

  1. Check Valve Type 
  2. Flow Rate 
  3. Working Pressure
  4. Cracking Pressure 
  5. Mounting Type

Check Valve Type

  • While selecting one should consider weather you need a Check Valve or Pilot Operated Check Valve as per the requirements of the applications.

Flow Rate

  • While selecting a check valve it is important to know the flow rate of the hydraulic system to select the suitable size as per the requirement of the application.

Working Pressure

  • Working Pressure of hydraulic system is considered while selecting a check valve, So it should now exceed the working pressure of the Check Valve.

Cracking Pressure

  • Cracking Pressure of the Check Valve is the pressure at which the check valve poppet will open and allow the oil to pass through it. It can be selected according to the Hydraulic System requirement.

Mounting Type

  • There are two type of mounting option for these valves. Inline Type or Subplate Type mounting. One has to select the check valve mounting according to the design of the hydraulic system.