Ball Valve 1/4″ BSP,GEMELS

Ball Valve 1/4″ BSP, GEMELS

High Pressure Ball Valve| 2 Way Design| Carbon Steel

Type: ball valve 2 way
Sizes: from DN6 up to DN25
Pressure: up to PN500
Temp range: from -20°C to +100°C


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Ball Valve 1/4″ BSP GEMELS

Ball Valve 1/4″ BSP GEMELS

Type: ball valve 2 way
Sizes: from DN6 up to DN25
Pressure: up to PN500
Temp range: from -20°C to +100°C

These are high pressure ball valves and can be used in any hydraulic application where leak proof enclosure will be required.


Ball valves are reliable for application for example agriculture, CNG and aerospace. As well as we can also design Standard and customized valves upon project.

In addition wide range of ball valves for example: flanged ball valves, CNG valves, threaded stainless steel, full port ball valves, high temperature valves, water type valves, manual and actuated valves, and much more.

In addition, our team of experts will help you find suitable valve as per your requirement.

Company Introduction

GEMELS SPA,  a highly experienced and professional company. It manufactures High Quality Ball Valves Couplings and other components.

Valves and quick couplings are studied for every specific application. Our hydraulic quick couplings represent the perfect solution to easily connect and disconnect the hydraulic system components, the hydraulic equipment, without disconnecting pipes and fittings, avoiding any oil leaks.

We have wide range of catalogue for different products like Valves and quick couplings are the result of more than 50 years of design and production for big world players.

In our range we have also other components e.g. hydraulic swivel joints, custom according the application. Valves and couplings will be used in fields such as agriculture, fire-fighting, steel plant and marine.

Find below complete catalogue of products: flanged ball valves, CNG ball valves, high pressure ball valves and many other models. We are able to design custom valves for every need. We also produce hydraulic quick couplings, high pressure quick couplings and much more.

Find below link for catalogue of  components.

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For further details or any additional information, you may contact us on following details.

General Specification
Country of Origin ITALY
SKU 3685
Technical Specifications
Size 1/4
Working Pressure 500 Bar
Construction Construction.



GEMELS is a brand into manufacturing of Hydraulic Ball Valves, Quick Release Couplings and customized valves for Hydraulic, Electric , Oil & Gas Industries. With more than 50 years of experience, GEMELS is into design and production of ball valves for hydraulic and oil & gas fields. It also produce also synchronous electric motors and quick couplings. The excellence of the quality is the main characteristic of GEMELS products and it is possible due to the accurate selection of raw materials, staff and partners. Centrally located in Bergamo, which is not more than 50 Km from Milan. The company produce high quality hydraulic components, which are highly durable & reliable, also for very critical applications.  


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