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CBPA-10-N-S-0-50, Counter Balance Valve Cartridge – Bucher Hydraulics

CBPA-10-N-S-0-50, Counter Balance Valve Cartridge – Bucher Hydraulics unit is direct acting, screw-in cartridge style, poppet type, adjustable, pilot assisted, hydraulic counterbalance valve.


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Product Name: CBPA-10-N-S-0-50, Counter Balance Valve Cartridge

Brand: Bucher Hydraulics

Counterbalance valve poppet type with free reverse flow.

This unit is direct acting, screw in cartridge style, poppet type, adjustable, pilot assisted, hydraulic counterbalance valve


This valve controls moving load and preventing it from running ahead of the pump, locking the load in any position, it also provides static overload and thermal expansion protection.

CBPA-10-N-S-0-50 valve is a Modulating device that allows free flow from port 2 to port 1 and then blocks reverse flow until a pilot pressure INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to the load pressure is sensed at port 3 modulating flow from port 1 to port 2.

Features and benefits:

  • Leakproof screw adjustment.
  • The adjustment screw can not be backed out of the valve.
  • Overset protection – spring can not go solid.
  • All cartridge valves are 100% functionally tested.
  • Industry common cavity.
  • A unibody cage construction and with no dynamic seals on all moving parts provides very low hysteresis (1.5%) and reliable operation.
  • Minor internal leakage past the pilot piston purges the air from the pilot line thus improving stability.
  • All external carbon steel parts are plated for longer life against the elements. Valve is available with screw, tamperproof, capped and hand knob adjustments.
  • Hardened precision fitted poppet & cage provides reliable, long life.

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