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EFBG-03-125-H-15, Yuken Proportional Relief and Flow Control Valve

This proportional relief and flow control valve is an energy-saving valve that supplies the minimum pressure and flows necessary for actuator drive.


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Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Relief and Flow Control Valves

Product Name: EFBG-03-125-H-15, Proportional Relief and Flow Control Valve

Brand: Yuken

This relief and flow control valve is an energy-saving valve that supplies the minimum pressure and flows necessary for actuator drive.

Since this valve controls the pump pressure by following the load pressure while keeping the differential pressure minimized, it serves as a low power-consumption energy-saving, meter-in, controlled flow control valve.

Further, since a temperature compensation function is incorporated, this valve provides consistent flow control irrespective of the fluid temperature.

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General Specification
Country of Origin India
Technical Specifications
Type of Product Proportional Valve
Size 03
Working Pressure 250 Bar
Model EFBG-03-125-H-15
Max Flow 125 LPM



Yuken India Ltd

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