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HDM18/1 KN05 18 A08 L100/AL185,600118272


  • Low weight, small dimensions
  • Operating pressure up to 350 bar
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Elimination of potential leakage between sections
  • Easy maintenance


  • Tractors
  • Agricultural machines
  • Wheel loaders
  • Front loaders
  • Lift trucks
  • Log splitters
  • Truck-mounted cranes
  • Back-hoes
  • Construction machinery



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Description: Series HDM directional control valves feature compact, cast monoblock bodies and have high operating pressure ratings. Available in 9 different sizes, the large range of spools, spool operators, levers and auxiliary shock/anti-cavitation valves make the HDM series especially suitable for use in medium-complexity circuits. They are also very suitable for straight-forward applications in which a particularly small overall size is required. The HDM series is available in the following versions: open centre, parallel/series, closed centre and carry-over. A further notable feature is the very low level of internal spool leakage.


  • Model:  HDM18/1 KN05 18 A08 L100/AL185,600118272
  • Brand:  BUCHER

Technical Specifications

Flow 80 LPM
Max Working Pressure 210 BAR
Spool Type Double Acting
Thread Size 1/2″ BSP
Part no 600118272
Country of Origin India






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