SBO 210-0.5E1/112U-210AK, HYDAC Diaphragm Accumulator

Hydac diaphragm accumulators are designed as modules and thus provide the right pressure stages for your application: optimum dimensioning also reduces environmental impact.


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Product Name: SBO 210-0.5E1/112U-210AK Diaphragm Accumulator

Brand: HYDAC

Diaphragm accumulators are a cost effective option for numerous functions involving energy storage, shock absorption or pulsation dampening in a hydraulic or fluid system. SBO 210-0.5E1/112U-210AK, Hydac Diaphragm accumulators are well suited for applications where smaller fluid volumes and flow rates are adequate and that require or involve:

• Compact design
• Low weight
• Flexible mounting positions
• Extremely quick shock response
• Low cost
• Low lubricity fluids, like water

Diaphragm Accumulators have been successfully applied in both industrial and mobile applications for energy storage, maintaining pressure, leakage compensation, and vehicle hydraulic systems.

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Technical Specifications
Type of Product Accumulator
Size 0.5
Working Pressure 210 Bar
Model SBO 210-0.5E1/112U-210AK
Material Carbon Steel
Nominal Volume 0.5 Ltr
General Specification
Country of Origin Germany
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