VBD1B-1/4″- Fluid App

Dual Pilot Operated Check Valves for load holding hydraulic applications. These valves are able to hold weight on any industrial or mobile hydraulic equipment.


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VBD1B- 1/4″- Fluid App

VBD1B | 1/4″ | Fluid App or  Dual Pilot Operated Check Valve is a type of valve that uses two pilot actuators to control the opening and closing of the valve. This valve is widely used in industrial applications to prevent backflow and ensure that fluid flows in the desired direction.

The valve operates by using the fluid pressure to open or close the valve. When the fluid flows in the desired direction, it exerts pressure on the valve’s disc.

Which opens the valve. However, when the fluid tries to flow in the opposite direction, the pressure on the disc increases. which causes the valve to close and prevent backflow.

The Dual Pilot Operated Check Valve uses two pilot actuators, one on each side of the valve, to control the valve’s opening and closing. These pilots control the flow of fluid through the valve. And when the pressure on one side exceeds the other, the valve closes. This mechanism ensures that the valve remains closed in the event of a pressure imbalance.

Advantages of VBD1B | 1/4″ | Fluid App

One of the main advantages of the Dual Pilot Operated Check Valve is its ability to operate at higher pressures than other check valves. It also provides greater flow capacity and allows for tighter sealing, making it ideal for applications with high-pressure fluid systems.

In conclusion, the Dual Pilot Operated Check Valve is an essential component in industrial applications that require reliable prevention of backflow. Additionally, its dual pilot actuators provide greater control, higher pressure capacity, and tighter sealing. As a result, it is an ideal choice for demanding applications.

These valves are made by Fluid App(ITALY).

Fluid-app is a player in the hydraulic valves and components market. A Company with long experience in the field.

SPECIFICATIONS of VBD1B- 1/4″- Fluid App

Mineral oil: DIN 51524 ISO 6743/4 | Oil viscosity: 15 to 250 cSt 15-250 mm2/s | Oil temperature: -4°F + 176°F -20°C +80°C | Ambient Temperature: -4°F + 122°F -20°C +50°C | Max
contamination index with filter: 5 to 250 cSt 15-250 mm2/s |

It is necessary a filter use to protect the valve (advised filtration 15 μm) | Max leakage: 0,25 cm3/min – 5 drops/min

You may check the datasheet link below for more technical information.


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General Specification
Country of Origin ITALY
Technical Specifications
Size 1/4 BSPP
Working Pressure 350 BAR
Model VBD1B
Weight (Kg) 0,63
Max Flow 20
Construction Construction.




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