TCM06AB Polyhydron Flow Control Valve

Double throttle cum check, non pressure compensated, modular construction. Can be used as Metering-in or Metering-out device.


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Throttle check valves model TCM06AB are meant for controlling flow in one
direction in circuit by simple throttling of flow. Reverse flow is free and is
independent of throttle condition in opposite direction in same path. the
valve is available with throttle check valve facility on either A port, B port
or A and B ports.
These are non-pressure compensated flow control valves and therefore
offer constant flow for a given setting, only if the pressure drop across
the throttled passage is constant.
The valve can be converted from meter-in condition to meter-out condition
by simply rotating the body along its longitudinal axis by 180 degree, while
being installed.
Rotation of the throttling screw in clockwise direction, increase the pressure
drop in the path.
For locking the setting, a check nut is provided.
For proction of the setting, a protective cap is provided.

Technical Specifications
Type of Product Flow Control Valve
Size 06
Working Pressure 315 bar
Model TCM06AB
Weight (Kg) 1.1
Mounting Optional
Max Flow 40
Construction Construction.
Flow direction For ports P and T free flow in either direction.
Maximum operating pressure 315 Bar
Viscosity range. 10 cSt to 380 cSt.
Capacity 40 l/min
Operating pressure. 315 Bar



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